Hendrik Kuhlmann

I am an amateur photographer based near Vienna and interested in nature and abstract photography. Aiming at high-quality prints, I am quite experienced in black & white silver gelatine printing since the mid 70ies. Besides, I practiced some historical photographic printing techniques. Among those I love the gum bichromate process. If I only had more time. It is so time consuming …

In 2007 I turned to digital photography, when quality and permanence of pigment inkjet prints became acceptable, even excellent today. Since then I enjoy the freedom and flexibility the digital workflow provides towards reaching the desired expression in the final printed image.

I started out with Minolta and Nikon SLRs, occasionally used a Mamiya RB67 and a self-made 13x18 camera equipped with a Xenar 210mm f/6.1. These days I prefer the Nikon D800.

In my professional life I am professor for Numerical Fluid Mechanics at TU Wien. Fluid mechanics provides us with beauty, not only through its mathematical equations ;-), but also through its visual appearance in form of cloud patterns, meandering rivers, flow-induced sand ripples, waves, curling smoke and many more.